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Introducing the first of its kind, brand new GODZWOW FREQUENCY MEDALLION!


Our scientists and engineers have developed technology that embeds each Medallion with a unique layer of energetic sounds and patterns. It has been tested to raise the vibration of your cellular function, while protecting you from harmful frequencies which bombard your body on a daily basis. 

The MEDALLION contains: The Tree of Life, overlaid in the concentric circles of the Fibonacci sequence. The sounds of the names of YHVH, YHSVH, and Ruach ha Kodesh. The letters in the Hebrew Aleph Beis that encompass the energy and shalom of Yahweh, and much more. 

T he MEDALLION will: Protect your energy field from 5G electronic devices. Protect your organs from internal and external cognitive distortions. Protect your immune system from other electromagnetic waves that hinder functioning. Look at the videos below to see the testing results of the Medallion! 



Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. In fact, quantum physics describes the universe as vibrating strings of energy. Scientific research has shown different parts of your body have their own sonic signature and your DNA has its own song! When harmful emf waves bombard your body on a daily basis, it lowers your bodies frequency level causing it to be more susceptible to sickness and disease. The Godzwow Frequency Medallion works by turning harmful emf waves into harmonizing frequencies from the Kingdom Realms to balance your bodies frequency level creating peace and balance within the individual wearing it. 

The picture above is an x-ray crystallagraph of stainless steel. It was chosen specifically because of the energetic matrix it produces to hold the frequency and vibration of the sound held within the casing of the Medallion. The Medallion works best when it touches your body. You may wear it on a chain around your neck, wrist or ankle. The Medallion may be worn in water, including the beach and pool. It's energetic force does not fade and is not decreased. In fact, when one chooses to engage in the Heavenly Realms while wearing the Medallion the energetic force of the Medallion is increased with more of the frequency of Heaven. The result to your body is more of the peace and love of Father God. 

To hear more about the creation, testing and efficacy of the Medallion please listen to our podcast entitled, "Godzwow Frequency Medallion - A Detailed Description of the Device," here:

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Theresa, Massachusetts - "When I opened the package with my GODZWOW medallion in it, WOW is definitely the word! The presence of God was all over it! The Holy Spirit moving 100 miles and hour. I just wanted to weep."


James, Texas - "The Godzwow medallion is amazing! I have been wearing it for the entire time after purchasing it. It has even helped by libido!"


Ingrid, Luna  - "My husband has been wearing the medallion everyday and has seen a big difference in his attitude. I am wearing it too and I feel so much lighter." 


Laura, Colorado - "The frequency medallion has been one of the most important and most beneficial purchases of my lifetime! I've been suffering from severe chronic pain for over a decade due to an immune disorder. Within seconds of placing the medallion on my skin, my pain level decreased eponentially! I've also found that my engagment with YHVH has intensified. The lasting effects of wearing the medallion has given me an overall sense of well being mentally and physically. I never could have imagined that a tiny item could cause such a major impact in such a positive way. I'm so pleased with the medallion that I purchased one for my husband as well!"


Darnell, Maryland - "Our family purchased a family pack of 5. We purchased new necklaces for them. We all love our medallions and my wife says she feels it vibrating every time she touches it."  


Sandy, Pennsylvania - "The medallion is awesome! As soon as I put it on the swelling in my body decreased immediately. I was also able to have a great nights sleep!"


Eunice, North Carolina - "I am so happy to share with you what my wonderful medallion has done! When I received it I was very excited that it came so quickly and just when I needed it most. I had been injured in an automobile accident just two days earlier and was suffering from a severe whiplash. When I opened the package and held it in my hands for the first time, I felt an immediate release of healing energy flow through my body. The frequency of Heaven was most evident. It was incredible how much anointing that was contained in this precious point of contact. The pain was leaving as the power of Yahweh flowed though me. I have continued to improve daily and am so thankful for this “Miracle From Heaven." I am even breathing and sleeping better. I have more joy and strength. Words cannot describe how amazing this wonderful medallion has been for me. I give God all the glory, but want you to know how much I love and appreciate you for sharing this with me. I’ve just ordered one for my husband and plan to get another for my daughter soon. Everyone needs this! May God bless you all most abundantly with His very best!"